Medieval Helmet

"Medieval Helmet" by Paulo César Silva

“Medieval Helmet” by Paulo César Silva
Matosinhos, Portugal | September’14

Photo taken in the medieval fair at monastery of Leça do Balio – Matosinhos, Portugal.

Where the legend began…

"Senhor do Padrão" by Paulo César Silva

“Senhor do Padrão” by Paulo César Silva
Matosinhos, Portugal | May’14

According the legend, it was here that the statue of “Bom Jesus de Bouças” was found; now known as “Senhor de Matosinhos.”

The statue of Christ crucified in life-size, according the legend was carved by Nicodemus. It gave to the Matosinhos’ coast in the early second century, without an arm. The arm also gave the coast, 40 years later. Since then, the “Bom Jesus of Bouças” [EN: Good Jesus of Bouças] was responsible for many miracles, and is celebrated on Tuesday after Pentecost (the next tuesday).