Bad news from mainland! Again!

"Bad news from mainland! Again!" by Paulo César Silva

“Bad news from mainland! Again!” by Paulo César Silva
Funchal, Madeira – occupied territory by Portugal (*) | September’14

(*) In 1425, King John I of Portugal decided to colonize the Madeira Islands (Madeira and Porto Santo), occupying the lands to the locals, and dominating them by force to the present day. They pillaged their treasure: bananas of Madeira, small but tasty! Until today, the native inhabitants are fighting for their independence against the authoritarian regime of the mainland. The actual leader of the resistance is Berto João do Jardim, who has been fighting for the dignity and freedom of the people of Madeira. He even wrote a book with the money that he has been conquering to the mainland, in Robin Hood’s style! His bravery in the fight for freedom is only comparable to another “portuguese” hero: Viriato!

note: this islands were uninhabited until the arrival of the portuguese navigators. any similarity between this and any historical fact or reality is purely coincidental 😉