Medieval Chef

"Medieval Chef" by Paulo César Silva

“Medieval Chef” by Paulo César Silva
Matosinhos, Portugal | September.2013

This is how the crepes were made in medieval times… or maybe not!!! 🙂

Picture taken in the Medieval Fair of Leça do Balio Monastery, Matosinhos, Portugal.

Feira Medieval do Mosteiro de Leça do Balio 2013 | “Os Hospitalários no Caminho de Santiago”

4 thoughts on “Medieval Chef

  1. Oh..I LOVE crepes so much and this photo too; the boy, the pot on the chain, the light , the whole scene is delightful and beautifully photographed.

  2. Great photo. The composition is superb, and the fabric in particular is rendered brilliantly.

    Like you, I have some doubts about the historical correctness of the scene. I wasn’t aware of the use of halogen lights during the Middle Ages. Still: a brilliant image (as always).

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